For all of the armchair experts and critics Subway straight outta quarantine shirt. Brother Jeremy couldn’t have done any better. The figures would have made much different reading because Ms Abbott would have been put in charge of counting the numbers. Sir Kier must be thanking his lucky stars that he’s not been put in charge of this catastrophe. Further to this our taxes need to go up, not a lot, but they do need to increase to pay for a better supplied NHS and a dedicated organisation to handle these incidents. He’s litterally done what everyone else has been told not to do and been branded a hero.

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We’re all staying inside Subway straight outta quarantine shirt, not seeing our loved ones and risk fines for going out whereas he ignores his own advice. He shakes hands with covid-19 patients, likely shakes many others hands which spreads it furthur and then surprise surprise becomes sick. You aren’t a hero boris, you’re an idot wasting NHS resources and time. Dominic Cummings must be really pleased with this one! Blood on his hands. I just wanted to say a very heartfelt and sincere thank you for making this World such a better place to live in because instead of the World fighting and being nasty to one another most importantly killing one another we are for once doing what God has always wanted. Bringing love.

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