Except if by not wearing one increases the risk of him becoming a carrier that Straight cappin senior status 2020 shirt could infect others at risk. It’s more like being part of the solution, not adding to the seriousness of the problem. Is he trying to downplay the importance of sticking together as a nation, especially standing in an actual CV19 infectious hospital wing. Come on. He’s not in his backyard. Sorry but you do not deserve any more protection from this than the doctors and nurses that are fighting it mate. Flaunting your elitism is pomposity of the highest order- what a prick.

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Unless he was tested at the door which he wasn’t then he risked being exposed after testing and irresponsibly infecting these people. Pure arrogance. This is why we Americans can’t have nice things until November. I have been tested on a regular basis and currently, tested negative each time so,that is his rationale. However, this may be the wrong example, because others may just assume that since they have no symptoms,they can do the same.

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