I can’t believe this page is being funded by the British licence fee payer Stitch hug Jack Skellington shirt. Journalisim for 5 year Olds. So now you are condemning the use of a non-violent method commonly used to break up riots and protests globally. Would you rather they just shoot everyone I didn’t see articles like this when the troubles were going on in Ireland. Simple rule, stay home and stay safe, still no educated person to understand basic English. I believe in free speech. What I don’t think is right is the use of violence and rioting. I don’t see any difference between the US police’s actions, and the PRC police in Hong Kong.

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Laughing gas would be better, everybody would end up friends having a laugh Stitch hug Jack Skellington shirt. Well done law abiding people support you stay safe bye any means on bended knee taser or bullet god bless you. I agree if it is a peaceful protest that gas should not be used. But what is the answer when the mob is violent and out of control. They should use human insect repellent if there is one. About time they started to crack down on them.

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