They love it that our eyes are focused on the turmoil within our country Stitch hug cannabis weed shirt and not on the fact that they have created a pandemic. They are responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths. And yet we STILL want to have commerce with them, outrageous. China didn’t deliberately cause an outbreak in their own country just before Chinese New Year to kill their own people and suffer economic losses. I hope common sense prevails! Also, If you want to talk about taking accountability, why don’t you ask those countries to take accountability. Which was proven wrong. How about the extremely long list of wars U.S has committed in recent decades.

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If you want to be fair and square, how about accountability for Stitch hug cannabis weed shirt that and the many lives lost due to H1N1 swine flu etc. How about the global financial crisis caused by the U.S. Are you going to apply the same principle everywhere and not just China. Completely agree with you. Disgraceful. Maybe they should impose a law on inhumane animal treatment/slaughter. Just a thought. The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 might have been quietly spreading among humans for years or even decades before the sudden outbreak that sparked a global health crisis, according to an investigation by some of the world’s top virus hunters.

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