Schools should offer parents the option We’re still good shirt. If the ones who feel they can continue from home, do so, it would keep student numbers down, thus more manageable and less stressful for teachers. People aren’t blind to that at all it’s just creating another problem by trying to deal with that one. Putting staff, their families and all the children’s families at risk to mitigate the damage being down at home for disadvantaged children doesn’t seem like a very viable solution to me, not in the way they’re proposing to do it at the moment anyway, which is why they should’ve consulted the schools and unions in the first place, not ministers who don’t really know how the practicalities of education work just making it up as they go along.

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I’m not blinkered, We’re still good shirt, but if schools go back on the basis of the current unworkable recommendations, there is very good reason to believe that virus will be spread and many more deaths will result. Have a look at what the BMA say about it. ok so let’s just push them all back to school..dont worry about the risks. Ignore the fact that teachers have died, and children will probably be symptom free but pass the virus to vulnerable people at home.

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