The health care workers are true heroes Stayin home safe like shirt. But I’m concerned about their protective equipment. Their necks and head are not covered all. They should wear protective suite from head to foot with goggles. Strikes the balance between a tone of professionalism, sensitivity, yet urgency. I shed more than a tear. Thank you too to all the incredible NHS staff, key workers and their families; your message has been heard loud and clear. I don’t know how long these warriors in the healthcare frontline will fight with the pandemic, but this should be an eye-opener to all for taking it seriously. It should be our pledge today on.

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I have the greatest amount of Stayin home safe like shirt and admiration for the medical staff at these hospitals. I don’t think it was necessary for BBC to be in filming using PPE that is in short supply. Unnecessary travel, unnecessary risk. We have to praise all the hospital’s staff every single day, but in these days they are doing an extraordinary and at the same time an exhaustive work. Never will be enough appreciated their heroic labour.

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  1. Dawn Dowdle (verified owner)

    I came across their ad on Facebook. A bit on the expensive side but the shirt quality and the graphics look good. The real test will be how well it wears from wearing it and washing it. Time will tell as they say.

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