This is never a surprise to anyone, except America Stay out of my personal space shirt. See you all at the next one, yeah. I remember during la riot. Many people Rob store on the pretext they genuinely care about Rodney King. I doubt people genuinely care about the victim. Just need a video showing the 4 officers arrested in the same manner for murder and the rioting would stop. It is barbaric for a professional security who know better In this 21 century to embarked on such cruel act this is quiet embarrassing. White there are good and bad people everywhere that officer to me is just a wreckless wicked person.

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The blood of innocent man in there hands Stay out of my personal space shirt and there children to give accountable for it. It will be crying for vengeance upon there offering like blood of Abel in Jesus mighty name. Only thing or advice protect your eyes otherwise you could loose them with the robber bullets they shoot against humanity. One of the hallmark of voting is that it is a secret vote but with mail-in voting that secrecy is removed. In addition to the many elements of mail-in fraud that can occur, there is another that usually go unnoticed.

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    Delivery was really fast and item was better than expected

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    Offered a Tshirt with a different martial art on it and were able to change the text wo that O wanted. Really impressed they could do that for me

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    On the ball, from every angle…

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    I love my shirt! It is well made and exactly what I was expecting. The customer service absolutley cant be beat!

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    Great communication from start to finish. Nice product lovely clear graphic good quality item.

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