Academic scientific studies are for reference Stay home and watch friends shirt and to be taken in relevance it’s not about Yes or No and often studies are found to be faltering or needs more substance. It’s not for layman’s consumption to interpret and draw conclusions. The concerns raised in studies has nothing to do with the conspiracy theories, it’s being used to justify unscrupulously mainly by those that have no idea about such. Not wasting my time trying to convince you. You have your own brain capable of critical thought. Don’t let me convince you of anything looks like the mainstream media do it for me. Don’t believe me or the 250 odd scientists in the link. Always believe what the media say as they never lie or broadcast bias info.

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It’s funny Stay home and watch friends shirt, because Imran is pointing out the flaws in your arguments and links you’ve given and instead of listening, you’re ignoring it. Great. Shows how open minded you are to the truth. I’m a scientist working with ionising radiation. I took a look at your links. The phire one is full of false information from the get go, it then directs you to several sites with all the scientific integrity of a YouTube comments section. I’d say it is about as reliable as a chocolate teapot.

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