Hopefully after watching this everyone will understand Stay home and read books shirt we must follow the advice of the government and the chief medical officer. Truly amazed and humbled by all those who continue to put their lives on the line every day on our behalf. This is one of the best videos the BBC have done recently. Really shows us what’s going on inside the hospitals and why people are being asked to stay home. This is outstanding journalism and humbling to watch. World needs better priorities for these incredible humans saving our lives. We can never thank them enough for what they do for us. Also their families for the sacrifice and worry they have over their loved ones. Praying God’s protection and his strength for you all God bless.

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It will be more humbling when it takes root in Stay home and read books shirt. Doctors and nurses are fearful of going to work. Pleased you managed to get PPE for your reporter and crew. Still so many key workers without any. Short of words but thank you NHS frontline carers for the perseverance in tackling such huge adversity with a great sense of calm. I wish we would all do our part everywhere so that we would reduce the amount of time frontline carers are exposed to the risk of cross-infection.

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    Ordered as a gift it was well received ! size quality and print was perfect . Very Happy Birthday Girl !

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