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Also, cycling is fine in nice weather Stay home and listen to Queen shirt, but we don’t have a climate that is fine most of the time, nor the luxury of taking our time outside of lock down. I think they’re expecting too much of people to change our behaviour given they don’t provide decent parking/security around town for cyclists. Good until autumn and winter arrive and also how about cyclists paying insurance and some form of road tax. Solution is to dig out the old London ringway plans then build them so cyclists can have the extra space on the normal roads. London is a smelly shithole anyway so nothing will change when they are built.

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We need test, track trace before unlocking restrictions Stay home and listen to Queen shirt. What are the government doing. There’s a massive difference between the two terms. Do we wish to be socially or physically separated. Perhaps there should be some re-education for car drivers. In the last two days I have had a car driver use the horn as it is over took me, met a driver going the wrong way around a roundabout and straight at me, had to over take a double parked van who had stopped to chat to someone and had to go right to the gutter for the blue light police car coming the opposite direction to over take a smart car that seemed to be oblivious and wouldn’t pull in.

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