Made me laugh, government managed to organise nightingale hospitals in weeks Stay home and listen to Bon Jovi shirt, union bloke complains that six weeks wasn’t enough notice to ensure trains were up and running when lockdown was eased. Going to call a strike if his members were placed at risk, what about the NHS workers doing this everyday, thank god they didn’t strike. The BBC slant on this Pandemic to criticize the government’s every move. To ensure questions are geared that way is appalling. Where is the positive coverage of the good things, the number of people that have recovered.

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The fact that although those testing positive is increasing the numbers in hospital are going down Stay home and listen to Bon Jovi shirt. Why don’t they point out that the increase is due to more testing and that those requesting it are dealing with it at home. Why was the negative spokesman allowed more time to put their point across and yet Fiona ignored points that didn’t follow the BBC agenda or interrupted those making a positive point. Does the panel believe the general public has any common sense because the BBC hasn’t.

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