The only people Stay home hon shirt who should be wearing any sort of mask are those who are sick or those who think they may be getting sick. Wearing this sort of mask with the intent of protecting yourself or the belief that the mask will prevent your from spreading the virus is simply not true. The Covid 19 is a scam and the Earth is flat! Where do you get your conspiracy theories. Depends on how you make them. Double layer fabric with filter! Oh and wash them. Simples but you feel free to do your own thing tho over in USA, we’ll do our thing in Scotland. If it stops you from giving it should work in the same way and stop you getting. Maybe they need turning round the other way to stop you getting. They really need to get proof that they work at all.

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One scientist compared it to vehicle safety measures Stay home hon shirt. A seatbelt will not save you all the time. An airbag will not save you all the time. But we do as much as we can. Wearing a mask of any kind, combined with hand washing, not touching face, social distancing…greatly reduces the risk. Nothing is 100% but that doesn’t mean we just don’t do it. I thought that was the most sane thing I’ve heard through all of this.

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