In fact the article states it’s was due to a centre not following procedures Stay home or dance with us shirt. The title came across a little misleading to me untill I read the full article. What I’m going to say is not about the article. It takes approximately 5-days to two weeks to get the virus and can be passed on without showing any symptoms. Most are longer though I think the average is about 5-6 days buts it’s such a new virus this will keep changing as they research the virus more. Most of these cases have been linked to a distribution centre outside Seoul. For people that aren’t gonna read the article, it has nothing to do with the kids who JUST went back to school.

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They know where it’s from and the incubation period is not Stay home or dance with us shirt. It’s impossible to blame this on the schools being open. 79 cases one day after opening has nothing to do with the schools as it takes longer than one day to show signs. New cases and they close schools, we are having many more that actually die each day and they are talking about re opening them.

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