They are hot and uncomfortable and those of us with issues of Stars war daddy’s princess shirt compressed cannot wear these things, I had to rip it off after less than 30 minutes it was to uncomfortable. Being dead is a lot more uncomfortable than wearing a mask and passing on The Virus. The mask does not prevent the spread of the virus. The mask material does not prevent something as small as a virus from passing through the material. The only effect these masks have is they become bacteria bags because most people are wearing them for extended periods of time, especially homemade masks. They may as well lick their hands and go touch everything because in effect, that is exactly what they are doing every time they touch their mask.

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They don’t stop you catching Stars war daddy’s princess shirt, only reduces the risk of you spreading it. Masks, such as the ones in the picture above, are single use, short term masks. They are not designed for prolonged or repeated use. Furthermore, they are not designed to protect the user from viral infections. Viruses are small enough to pass directly through the mask material. What is going on here are millions of people are wearing this masks for prolonged periods of time thus turning them into bacteria bags. They constantly touch the mask thereby contaminating their hands and then, they contaminate everything else they touch.

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