Thats the thing Star wars may the light be with you shirt, while we are talking about lives this ignorant people are talking about buildings like come on people get serious. Before you speak for small businesses in this town you should really look into what they are saying about it a lot of the community took to Twitter in solidarity of protests acknowledging that buildings and stuff can be replaced but the lives of the community cannot. He didn’t say that he said what benefit is it to smash up your own area because now you have no police no driving no shops no civilisation that’s why you should use your brains I will bet most are outsiders.

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I condemn what happened to Star wars may the light be with you shirt but why isn’t the media even mentioning the fact that George Floyd and Derrick Chauvin worked together as bouncers at a Latino nightclub. Perhaps they should have chartered a dozen or so buses and taken their protest over to Milwaukee. Sadly because criminals are using the pain and suffering of a family to commit their crimes in their own areas, which causes more suffering and pain. Floyd’s death is a catalyst for attention to a bigger problem. You really don’t understand that? You didn’t hear our pleas when we were kneeling.

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