The St. Patrick’s Day parade began to serve as a means for the St Patrick’s Gnomie fishing shirt to show their strength and political power in the United States and the number of marchers in the parades increased dramatically over the years. Currently, more than 100 cities hold St. Patrick’s Day parades. Today, St Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish culture. The day after St. Patrick’s day, when the massive overstock of Guinness and Jameson’s that the liquor stores ordered goes on sale. Timmy was so special. He hardly ever barked and loved to be held so he became a registered therapy dog.

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The people we visited every week at the nursing home loved St Patrick’s Gnomie fishing shirt so much because they could cuddle him even if they were in a wheelchair or in bed. We visited universities at exam times, high schools and he was even registered to visit with tiny children. We started our visits in the special needs class. He made such a difference to the kids he was even mentioned in their report cards and at the graduation ceremony. He even got dressed up for special occasions like St. Patrick’s Day.

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