The items above make us the same as those telling the St Patrick’s day green Floyd shirt, those who wear the offensive T-shirts and so on and simply put it isn’t discrimination if you are the same as the group you are stereotyping making jokes about. And it is by turns hurtful, humiliating and enraging to see the Kiss me, I’m drunk t-shirts, the stupid shamrock glasses, and the thousands and thousands of and finally light news items making fun of some aspect of our culture or highlighting some fecking idiot who made a fool of himself on March 17th. It is not a productive method of engaging with the behaviour of others.

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Not to mention the fact that we are a very distinct ethnic group St Patrick’s day green Floyd shirt, we have haplotypes and everything. Also our own dying language, a unique musical and poetical tradition and yada yada yada. But what I was trying to get at in my comments above to the question is that there are knuckle dragging, bottom feeding bigots and arseholes about in any society no matter what one’s ethnicity or home culture. Nor can you punch every single person who annoys you in the face. I ought to know I tried for long enough.

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