The results are there for all to see. New cases have been reduced to a trickle. Slowly Sore as hell and back for more shirt, step by step, the economy is being rekindled. Bit by bit China is returning to normal. For those wanting to avoid coronavirus, China is fast becoming the safest place on earth. Indeed, China’s problem is fast becoming visiting foreign tourists suffering from the virus and reintroducing it into their country. Back in January they accused the Chinese government of wasting a fortnight now it is revealed to the world that Western governments wasted a minimum of two and a half months. The tide has turned. In the greatest health crisis for one hundred years, China’s governance has risen to the challenge and delivered a mortal blow to coronavirus.

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In contrast, Western governance has proven to be blinded by its own hubris Sore as hell and back for more shirt, unable to learn from China until far too late, ill-equipped to grasp the kind of radical action that is required of it. Trump is still largely in denial, the UK government is uttering warm words and doing precious little. I cannot think of any other example which so patently reveals the sheer competence and capacity of Chinese governance and the inferiority and infirmity of Western governance.

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