The US Constitution is supposed to guarantee liberty and justice for Sophia Petrillo is my spirit animal shirt. Unfortunately to many Americans, those are just words and we don’t, in essence, practice what we preach. Time for us to start living by those principles and fix this mess permanently. Everyone has right to do protesting but not everyone has right to spoil someone’s property or even to harm and if someone does that,would be a childish move. Well the news seems to have something else clogging up the headlines as we all know. Yes a innocent man was murdered but don’t let this distract us from the fact China caused a pandemic and nearly innocent people have been killed by it.

Sophia Petrillo is my spirit animal shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt


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Arrest them all for breaking current laws covering social distancing Sophia Petrillo is my spirit animal shirt. They will all be moaning when a second, harder lockdown is imposed because they are being idiots. I am completely on their side but there is absolutely no way would I want to risk getting coronavirus after being in my house for 10 weeks. I understand and agree with the sentiment however, their slogans say, black lives matter, yes they do, all lives matter, so why don’t you bugger off home, keep 2 metres apart from each other as you are told to, as if you don’t know already, this virus seems to affect BAME more than most. So gathering in a park, in your thousands isnt showing much respect for black or any other colour, lives.

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  1. Vincent Olivier (verified owner)

    The t shirt is great can’t wait to give it to my daughter at Xmas, she will be ecstatic.

  2. James Olson (verified owner)

    As a big horror fan my son was absolutely thrilled with these two T-shirts.Were all huge Stephen King fans.Was grinning for 10 minutes after opening them.

  3. Marci Chmielewski (verified owner)

    On the rare occasion when there’s a sizing error on our end, we’re happy to provide free replacement.

  4. Jennifer R Williams (verified owner)

    Ordered as a gift it was well received ! size quality and print was perfect . Very Happy Birthday Girl !

  5. Denver Ashmun (verified owner)

    Didn’t match up well with the product shown and took a VERY long time to get delivered.

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