So considerate they all walked there I presume Son of shenanigans beagle shirt. And what about the media circus that follows her everywhere. How much damage does flying the umpteen tonnes of gear around the world cause, then there’s her team of flunkies that fly ahead of her to plan exactly where she is going to have her predictable meltdown in front of camera. Makes a change last few protests have left tonnes of litter. But there are more worms in a muddy field, look at a farm field just after it has been ploughed. It will cost tax payers money to put right the damage caused, that’s why people complain about these things.

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You’re talking about Son of shenanigans beagle shirt. Just because you’re not going to do anything doesn’t mean nobody else is or someone didn’t get motivated. Today was the first day in goodness knows how many years I didn’t put a dustbin out. Not worth the energy needed to lift it onto the wagon and tip out the the small bag in it. And if you come back and say you’re already doing stuff, tell me, what motivated you.

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