Yes, there’s plenty of unemployed aircraft certification experts Snoopy Irish and lucky heart shirt. As citizens we have power before every vote after voting we lost our power, now we can only watch and hope that the decisions made by the government will benefit us, if not we are doomed. Let’s watch all the remainers who are still bitter about Brexit lose there cool over this article like we aren’t going to have our own aviation safety regulators in the UK. Let’s just high light the fact of could put high skill jobs at risk. Let’s also take that as gospel as well. I was at an aerospace event at the a while back and the question of EASA membership was brought up. A government minister reassured us that we wouldn’t leave.

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And how many of Snoopy Irish and lucky heart shirt have a deep enough knowledge of aviation safety that gives rjem confidence to ignore all the expert advice they’ve been given. Don’t have a problem but if you want to state figures, use context. A big majority had less than 50% of the popular vote. Same argument that leavers use to dig at those that voted remain. It doesn’t matter if you are a remainer or leaver, this move is objectively idiotic. Why spend a fortune setting up a parallel body, we all have to pay for, that is only going to rubber stamp internationally agreed standards? Its lunacy.

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