How would we find out about the imminent arrival of ice age heat wave Snoopy I don’t need therapy Pink Floyd shirt or rogue asteroids to say nothing of sleeping volcanoes under our feet if we don’t have the daily bird cage liners. Newspapers will make a big comeback once people run out of toilet paper stockpiled early in the pandemic. Makes me sad I started out my working life as a print journalist. To see papers go down is like watching part of my past be erased. Newspapers are agenda driven nonsense these days. They all have narratives to push and don’t even attempt to be objective.

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Without Murdoch and other owners pushing their own billionaire agenda Snoopy I don’t need therapy Pink Floyd shirt, the country might be a better place. Its not only newspapers that are failing, it is all news out lets TV as well depending on which news channel you watch, depends on what news you get. All news out lets have become biased and fake. Maybe if they told the truth instead of somebody’s wild theories they wouldn’t be in the state they are in. Papers and reporters have let the country down with so much information being wrong and irrelevant stories and alarming stories.

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    Very good service very pleased with product would recommend this product

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