Therefore death is a facility for us either to continue or end our conditioned state of Snake Maintainer Nation shirt. To end our conditioned life Lord Sri Krishna has given formula in the above quoted verse, He say that whoever thinks of only at the time of death will attain His nature, which full of eternity, knowledge and bliss. We have decide what we want eternal life of happiness or conditioned life of distress. Most beautiful life of eternity, knowledge and bliss is awaiting us after death if we decide to become Krishna Conscious and go back to home, back to Godhead.

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The Author makes an attempts to answer the questions based on ancient Snake Maintainer Nation shirt. He do not have any personal intention of criticizing, blaming, insulting, any individual, organization sects cult religion cast creed or nation etc. To do what you want to do as a career is the best to live a beautiful life as in 3 idiots movie farhan choses at last what is wanna be money and happiness doesnt exists in same plane but at later stage the are dependent so firstly choose the place ir career which makes you happy money always be in second position.

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