Most of my day consists of listening to my patients and acting on their concerns by advocating for Sloth no nurse no worries shirt with the appropriate members of my healthcare team, and doing the appropriate interventions for things like pain, feeding, oxygen, and providing basic hygienic care. The reward of my job is discharging those who are healthy and well and back to their baseline and getting recognized from my patients, doctors and other members of the staff for just being there for my patient. The worst part of my job is definitely seeing a patient’s condition decline. Like I said, I am basically the bridge between the doctor and the patient.

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The most challenging part of my job is the knowledge retention Sloth no nurse no worries shirt. I’m always assessing, always monitoring, always thinking on my feet. What do these lab results mean, what does this blood pressure mean, is this a new symptom, is this medication contraindicated with another one the patient is taking, what side effects can I anticipate, when was the last bowel movement this person had, etc. Sometimes my paper that I keep my patient assignment and my to do list on is completely filled up and sometimes it’s not. Each shift is different but each shift is just as rewarding.

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