Why would they change from Herd Immunity to stay at home Skull sunflower you are my sunshine shirt. That’s not very clear. They’ve had three months to prepare for this. As has been said above it’s not just as simple as saying stay home, real life is messy and complicated. People don’t just leave their houses for fun, there are all sorts of essential activities you leave your house for. For example trips to the mechanic or a vet. Neither of these are mentioned as exemptions in official sources, I had to get that from the BBC. All the official sources keep talking about the reasons. Food shopping, buying medicine, work, or exercise. When in fact there’s a host of other reasons.

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It also doesn’t help when you have government ministers and health officers on Skull sunflower you are my sunshine shirt saying it’s a good idea to drive to quiet places to exercise and that the legislation permits it, then local police forces try to ban it. A bit more money is nothing if innocent lives can be saved. Well that’s very nice of your husband. But unless a government shuts a service down then the staff will not be entitled to the wage. And then people will. Lose their jobs. The government are unofficially implementing their previous strategy of herd immunity. Anyone who thinks different is naive

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