Interesting that you guys don’t mention that hart Skull rose 2020 quarantined shirt was also used to do exactly the same thing during the aids epidemic. I do feel that this is not a true story. The coffins seems so light to be a real one. Look how easily one person handling them. The entire scene is so strange to believe. The most powerful nation in the world kneeling before an unseen enemy. Some people still not taking this seriously. What does it have to take huh? People are dying and all they think about is the media exaggerating the facts. Do you need to loose a loved one, a friend or a relative for you to believe this is really happening.

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Just kinda weird why wouldn’t they wait to see Skull rose 2020 quarantined shirt if the family’s want to bury their relatives elsewhere. How many of these deaths were from something other than the rona? How many of these people had health issues before hand? Wish the media would stop playing on peoples fears. What happens to Covid19 as the bodies go through decomposition- especially directly beside a water source. Why news focus in the number of deaths but did not focus in cases healing from this virus , I wanna have answer for this question. How many deaths in New York before this virus came, please. Are there statistique for that.

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