She got her job on merit, I think things need shaking up Skull lucky you fucky you shirt. She is a doer not a crawler. Must be difficult for Ministers coming into a new department of people that think they know better. Remember they were also anti Brexit, shows how they think, probably only got the job because their daddy new somebody. They are obviously out to get her. If you don’t toe the line,and follow their agenda. She is not the one that needs to be sacked. It is those behind the scenes, still talking this country down. Not wanting the country to thrive post Brexit. Obviously a team player, just as the team does exactly everything she says without question.

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Considering she resigned from her previous post for what was regarded as an act of Skull lucky you fucky you shirt, I’m more inclined to believe the MI5 source more than the government over this. There is no way this woman should be allowed on the cabinet considering her history. Let’s face it, she’s up against a bunch of public school boys, with opinions, well above their station. If her name was Worcester, not Patel, she would fit into their cosy set up. It stinks of racism. If they point out difficulties or that what she asks for is impossible or illegal she wants them replaced.

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