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And I’m allowed to be in a bubble in a classroom with Skull cannabis weed pot head shirt reception and year one children I don’t know well. This is ridiculous. We are either in lockdown or we aren’t. Yes great news. But why has this woman got to keep going on and on. The subject is closed a line is drawn. BBC please have a word. Why not from tomorrow at least that way people would hopefully have a small bbq and avoid beaches this weekend. Just a thought. Coronavirus would be so disappointed, wishing if only there were seven. So childminders can have children and parents in their house and hug them etc but we can hug our family.

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Go to Cheetham hill in manchester Skull cannabis weed pot head shirt, they’ve been going in groups of hundreds for years. Acting like coronavirus isn’t a thing and there’s 10 people in every takeaway. Well im sorry but I need to cuddle my grandchildren especially new one that was born 2 weeks ago. Had enough now my family are all healthy and so are we. People have been doing this for weeks anyway especially as it’s been sunny and lots of people are not at work. So my mum can come see her grandkids sit in our garden they can’t hug her and if she needs loo bucket it is lol.

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