Great idea Skull Best truckin’ Papa ever shirt. Three problems, half the roads in England are not wide enough to incorporate cycle lanes. The other, travelling 50 miles a day for work. Great when it’s windy, raining and not forgetting ice and snow in winter. Mind you could be interesting seeing yuppie mummies swapping their for a cycle. We should keep social distance during the travelling otherwise be ready for another lockdown, which noman can’t bear again. What about the counties traffic is horrific in Windsor/Ascot. Narrow roads with families cycling to be overtaken by horn honking speeding drivers.

Skull Best truckin’ Papa ever shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt


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Best Skull Best truckin’ Papa ever shirt

Nothing in the Skull Best truckin’ Papa ever shirt was built for social distancing transport and shops were all designed to maximise the profitable space not to keep people apart. Maybe now we will have enough space on air planes that we can sit comfortably for Christ sake. Increase in congestion charge and 1% above inflation rise on tfl should deal with the 10% decrease in vehicles and the increase of cyclists and cycles. Well done Sadiq, thinking of the people as usual.

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  1. Katharina Fischer (verified owner)

    Price quoted was not the same at the end of the transaction. No Idea why it was more expensive at checkout and I never noticed until the goods arrived….too late by that time. ??????

  2. Helene DeFilippis (verified owner)

    I do see you’ve contacted Support regarding this concern, and we have been waiting for your response as we’ve requested additional information from you.

  3. Vanessa Barcelona (verified owner)

    My T Shirt arrived when the company said it would. Nice design and fit. Happy with the purchase and it washed well. Thanks.

  4. Matt Hoch (verified owner)

    To assist you with this, a member of our Support Team will follow up with you today. Be assured we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.

  5. Sara howe (verified owner)

    Lovely motif on this tee and it washes beautifully also. The tee itself is a little lighter weight than most of my tees but it is well made and so I hope it will last well.

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