I wonder if we will see a different Boris, has he been humbled by his near death experience Show me your pitties shirt. Must be nice to have full sick pay and co-workers urging the whole country to cheer you on. Not bad for a columnist. So he’ll be coming back from his holiday home 40 miles from London and the hospital he was in, and returning to his official residence only a couple of miles from the said hospital where he was living before being taken to the hospital? strange how rules only apply to the plebs, but not the patricians. For self employed to be at home and Doctor Nurses etc what do they get extra for going in to work all hours on their feet and in to do the unknown with their lives on the line and no any extra.

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Miraculous recovery Show me your pitties shirt Many people taking much longer to get back to work after having the virus. Hope is up to the job. As our death toll eclipses other countries, how can Johnson and his pack of Tories ghouls be described as positive? Their policies have directly caused the deaths of tens of thousands. We have had a Tory leader who has created big problems for carers of children with disabilities regardless of being a parent of one, a leader who created a ‘hostile environment’ for those who have propped up the country post war and Johnson who tried to debunk the seriousness of the current health crisis.

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