And I’ve not even mentioned the slow reaction Senior skip day champions class of 2020 shirt, soft lockdown or the bloody ridiculousness of allowing the Cheltenham festival to still go ahead. We all know who the real hero’s are and it ain’t Boris and his crew. The buffoon has no idea what he’s doing. He was taken out of the firing line for a few weeks so he couldn’t make any more mistakes. Hardly a boost for the country. Totally crap pm and too little done for very poor and disabled sorry housebound people can’t get online food can’t get to store no family and no neighbour friendly peeps. Total Fubar this government lie upon lie.

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Raring to resume decimating the Senior skip day champions class of 2020 shirt, public services and putting societies most vulnerable people into poverty and harms way. The if I was him brigade are havng a field day yet not one of them has come up with a solution. The government is doing its damnest best to protect us all. If people want early lock down ruling then those yelling for it should be allowed to break it but on the guarantee that they dont overload the hard worked NHS staff. If you want to die, then die in your own time but dont expect others to bail you out. As Clint Eastwood would say go ahead, make my day.

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