The tortured dark romantic life has been repeated millions of times as well Who all seen the leprechaun say yeah shirt, by countless souls over many, many generations. Maybe not to cubicle scale. But it can equally be a cliche, an affectation. Be your natural self. Be authentic. That is the most meaningful thing you or anyone else can do. And remember, there were famous happy artists as well. The most important thing in life would be our relationship. Most of the material things you can build in later future but relationship is something you have to keep building in order to spend a stress free beautifull life. Suppose you have a job in d city by which you can build a house in say 5 yrs and you have a girlfriend in another city.

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She cannot change her city Who all seen the leprechaun say yeah shirt. What will you choose. Think of this if you loose d job, you will find another somewhere else. But love of your life once lost it would much more difficult to find one again. Money, house and car, you can only enjoy them if you haf ppl. Ppl who support you through you ups and down. Friends who will make fun of you no matter what amount you have in your bank account. A loyal wife doesnt comes with a specific salary. You have to gave her time.

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