A petition calling for an end to this stupidity should reach that many as well Sebastian Stan Bahamas Simply Paradise Shirt. It’s a shame people can’t find anything better to do with their time. What’s wrong no one even thought about these statuses a month ago or even before now all of a sudden young people who seems to have to blame something or somewhere for the sad lives they are leading grow up take responsibility for the choice you make it’s not a bloody statue that defines who you are but yourself. Would should tear down all images of mammals as they usurped the reptiles.

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He never should had been glorified in the first place Sebastian Stan Bahamas Simply Paradise Shirt, the big question is now people know about what he really done are they still comfortable with it if the answer is yes then that says a lot about the society, own it. Putting a sword in one hand and a head in the other would be a better representation of the statue. The BBC standing up for the minority in Belgium THEY seem to want to Stoke fires ALL over the world.One day this faeces of a corporation will be swilled down the sewers forever.

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