Police have to suffer the consiquence Say my name heisenberg shirt because some of them are working with racim mind now that is effect.we need to learn tolive together as one or perish together as a fool. We are all for the protests and demonstrations. But strongly against the looting of shops, destruction and burning of private property. We are all equal its breaks my heart. Is this the world we created. My hearts goes out to his family and friends. How can people live with themselves who do such awful things to another human being. When the peaceful means failed, violent is the only option left. The unheard voice in the womb wants to be heard now. I can understand they’re upset but they will gain nothing destroying everything in their community. When the dust settles they have to live there.

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This behaviour is not doing their cause any good Say my name heisenberg shirt. It just reinforces the prejudices. I recall us persistent said that he among America’s persident that has served well black community in America. The left will always exploit a tragedy, thugs will aways loot and damage property because they have no respect for society and the media will always make excuses for them because they want to see anarchy because it sells.

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