While it’s okay to observe safety measures and empathise with Say a bad word about autism one more time shirt those who have lost loved ones, refuse to accept the fabricated Stats. My favourite part of every day is coming to this site, see some whack stuff that this idiot says, and watching his supporters become fewer and fewer. The Donald is off his rocker, he’s right out of his mind, and it’s showing. Hey trump supporters, it’s ok to admit you were wrong, don’t be afraid to. This is the funniest thing in the history of the internet. The man with a record breaking avalanche of lies proclaiming himself to be the most honest. Bravo bunker baby.

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Can the American people recoup the millions of tax payer dollars Say a bad word about autism one more time shirt they spent internationally and domestically on this bogus investigation. People in this country are hurting. Could you please stop tweeting about how wonderful you think you are. It’s not what anyone needs or wants to hear right now. Absolutely do not care if you are or not. You have done your job better than most past presidents who were also l liars. So sick of all politicians saying they are the most honest and religious people on the planet when we all know they are not.

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