No, you just don’t fully understand Rick Sanchez I’m just here for the Budweiser shirt their problems actually are without the republicans forcing them to prefund their pension 75 years into the future, they’re extremely financially stable, and have billions in the bank that they can’t touch throw in that they have to ask congressional approval to raise cost of stamps has nothing to do with them or management and everything to do with politics. Congress did this to them when they required the post office to fully find 75years of retirement up front. GOP has been trying to privitize them for years. Never mind they’re are part of the original US government.

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The domino effect from the failure of this Administration to keep us safe is staggering Rick Sanchez I’m just here for the Budweiser shirt. The Republicans have always wanted the postal service to go under so they could put their buddies in charge and make it a private service. To Jake up the price. Call or email your Congressional representatives and insist that the USPS remain fully funded by way of the next Coronavirus financial package. I can’t think of a worse time to mess with the USPS during the election period in which many more people will use mail in voting. How is that supposed to work during this pandemic.

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