Another option is to disarm the dog by removing canine teeth or all Retired teacher never fold shirt. This does not make the dog safe, but it does reduce the damage that can be done. A disarmed dog can still cause serious damage, especially to children. This is a very extreme measure. We have an ethical responsibility to put human health first, then pet health. We face liability if we do not do so, as well as the bad feeling that we should have done things differently. If there is a situation where someone could be seriously injured or killed because we did not encourage the euthanasia of a dangerous animal, we share the responsibilty.

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I do not know any vets who would take this Retired teacher never fold shirt Once they have made a decision, however, that the behavior cannot be treated, most vets will be forceful advocates for their decision. Do we feel bad about it. You bet we do. These are the types of cases that lead to compassion fatigue and burnout among veterinarians. We hope that we do not have to deal with too many cases like this.

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