Not sure what the news is here Red white blue Pitbull too shirt. I got masks like this with dodgy stickers over the expiry date in my GP practice in March as did countless others, and was made public then. Can a mask be out of date safety wise. Marking not that clear as to whether it’s actually date of manufacture lot. If they don’t want them, I will have them. Of course, being the crack news organisation that they are, the BBC could have tracked down a world renowned expert on this type of PPE and asked for their opinion. However, the answer probably wouldn’t have fitted their narrative, preferring instead to rely on the moaning of a union rife labour led council, who are bound to find any reason to complain.

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The equipment was re-qualified and given a new expiry date Red white blue Pitbull too shirt. These stupid people need to get real. This stuff does not grow on trees. Use it. Seriously stupid. Unless they were stored outside in the sun, I am pretty sure that kept in an unopened box is fine. And we all know that they give use by dates to push new sales on companies and individuals. God when is this load of cock ups going to stop. Nobody seems to have a clue.

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