myself and my son are on the extremely vulnerable list Red hair dont care shirt and we had an email from tescos to say we are on the priority list for deliveries in a 8 hr time slot as they got information from the government who was on the list. People are just trying to adhere to the isolation conditions. If you weren’t an existing customer and were actively going to shops you would be moaning about all the queues, waiting times and empty shelves. I think this is what they’re trying to do. I’m not an existing customer and there is no chance to get a slot. Fair enough, I hope they’ve got the list of vulnerable people in their areas.

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That’s because alot of people are selfish Red hair dont care shirt. My mum has end stage copd and has always had her food delivered by Tesco, not anymore. Deiveries should go first to Shielded then vulnerable and elderly then to customers like yourself on subscription rest should shop as normal If they had said ok we need you to give up your slot for people in need I would be fine with that. But they haven’t done that at all and it’s now a free for all.

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