You people getting your knickers in a twist, nothing has been announced as yet Proud mama of the toughest boy I know shirt, this again is media speculation. I think the sentence social distance is not correct but physical distence. In the age of technology we can’t keep social distance because we very close to everyone. So say physical distance.I would like to keep physical distance not social distance. You go on about social distancing but what about air conditioning surely that can carry it further and how is it possible for someone that doesn’t or hasn’t had covid before going into hospital contract it if everything is supposed to be sterile.

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If this is the case, then the Tories truly want us to Proud mama of the toughest boy I know shirt, well if that’s the case, the economy will never recover if there is no one alive to start it. The office has the air con on all day blowing around everyone’s germs. You could sit 300 metres apart and it wouldn’t matter. If its safe to relax then there was no need in the first place. The virus is infectious still a killer with no vaccine and no cure. Nothing has changed.

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