Previous terrorist related Cobras have been chaired by President of the united states sale of the shirt. Think the question isn’t why didn’t he chair them but what was he doing, or who wss he meeting whilst these meetings were happening. If he was meeting NHS or similar you could say he was still on the case. A lot of these why wasn’t he there shouts come from the same people who also deem them a waste of time, so sort of, inadvertently, answer their own question. So far, all you’ve done is to be faux concerned over 5 meetings held before the WHO considered it a pandemic and the Chinese lied about no human transmission and nitpicked over the use of Boris. Keep up the great work.

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Regardless of how late he left it or any personal opinions you may have of this President of the united states sale of the shirt. I think he’s stepped up as is expected of him. Let’s all just be thankful he’s not trump. What Lockdown, around our way my cars on the road than normal, more people walking the streets than normal, and kids playing with each other in the park. Great Britain your a laugh. Did you see all the camera people and press people filming this together. No social distancing there. One rule for Boris and the press the rest of us get fined.

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