How about look at countries they were surveryed in lots of places around the Pray before you play shirt are the ones expected to be the bread winners and it’s not acceptable to live off the womens income. in those cultures of course men are going to say they are more entitled to the job then the women because society expects them to pay up not the women. That means they could have said that men and women were equally deserving. The article doesn’t tell us what the survey response options were but ordinarily there would be a don’t know or not sure option so it’s not safe to assume that 50% think the opposite. The sooner the BBC becomes subscription only rather than reading through this dross on a daily basis.

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I’m trying to stay glass half full here lol but I see where you are coming from Pray before you play shirt. To add to your optimism I guess if some are now saying not sure whereas previously they were adamant then that could show attitudes are changing. Bet they have a religious background, that’s all religion is control. Rubbish headline, that includes a lot of women who are biased against women. Women will always be behind men no matter how hard they try.

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