No vaccines and if he opens up schools and lots of Persian cat room guardian meme shirt end up dying then there will be uproar I don’t necessarily like Boris but on this one I agree with him. It’d just be so much better for him not to apologise for being ill, but to clarify to the nation why he missed 5 COBRA meetings at a crucial time, prior to being ill. That would be helpful. But he’s skipped past that with a meaningless apology, for a time he had an acceptable excuse for. Nobody wished him ill. I’d like to know why he was missing at a time where it’s quite clear we were behind the curve and slow to act.

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He has to have an overview of strategy and planning. Heads of Persian cat room guardian meme shirt meetings and report back if needs be. Boris has more than this epidemic to consider although he is a bloke who gets involved. He said it was just a flu meaning he didnt take it seriously. his is not some big secret. It’s common knowledge. If he gave the reason for PM not chairing Cobra meetings it would be a long list of meetings going back many years. It is usually the most senior official in the field to which the meeting relates. In this case health so it was Hancock.

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