WHO is considering airborne precautions for medical staff after a new study showed the coronavirus can survive in the air in some settings People not a big fan shirt. The coronavirus can go airborne, staying suspended in the air depending on factors such as heat and humidity, WHO officials said. Yes I read that article few days ago. You are again taking things out of context. They are talking about aerosol transmission. It’s different than airborne. I dont get why you laugh, I gave you 2 expert opinions and think its funny, I hope you and your family stay safe because sadly people are ignorant to what’s going on.

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I laugh because you keep going after literally everyone has disagreed with what you said on here People not a big fan shirt and even the world health organization refuses to call it airborne but you have an expert opinion. Just let it go. In the early days of our own lockdown started in 15 March known as enhanced community quarantine the government strictly imposed the local travel ban esp. on the metro rail systems they stop operating. Even buses, taxis, jeepneys and tricycles. There is penalty imposed on violators of this regulation. People who have no vehicle/s walk on foot to go to the foodshops, pharmas or remittance centers.

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