Well I don’t know what you did, if you drank gallons of People Irish Yoga shirt, brought every available soy meat alternative and soy yogurt out there and basically only ate soy then of course your body would rebel and tell you to stop, too much soy is not good but no ones said Vegans only have to eat soy there are countless other vegetables and nuts and seeds out there that you cab consume. Disney movies they don’t use pesticides either, so why should we use evil poison. But plant eating grass eating causes farting like cows. How about we live on fresh air no food.

People Irish Yoga shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

People Irish Yoga Hoodie


People Irish Yoga Ladies tee

Ladies tee

People Irish Yoga Sweater


People Irish Yoga V-neck t-shirt

V-neck t-shirt

Best People Irish Yoga shirt

How about not poisoning the planet with People Irish Yoga shirt, herbicides and fungicides. Chemicals destroy the delicate ecological soil microbiome, kill bugs and insects which in turn means no food for bees or birds or little mammals. Plant eating is great and so is grass fed animal eating. It is about thinking with common sense and returning to sustainable grass fed and organic farming as much as possible. It does mean eating smaller portions of meat but also not spraying poisons on plants.

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    For clarification, or for anything we can assist you with regarding your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help.

  2. Kathy Gordon (verified owner)

    Great communication from the start to the finish. Quick turnaround with reasonable and fast postage. All in all a great service!!.

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    Great communication from start to finish. Nice product lovely clear graphic good quality item.

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    Bought for my 32yr old guitar crazy son who can by the way play good. Anyway he loved the T.shirt morteef was good and the material was good and it washed great. Will be getting more for xmas.

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    Easy to order. Good sizing. Great quality. Prompt delivery. Very cool tee shirt.

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