I dont know if she is a bully or not-none of The peanut Avengers characters shirt. But what is undeniable the civil servants negotiating brexit for May were at the best weak and at worst remain biased. They are asked to resign to save face otherwise they get sacked. And the ministerial code your referring to is carrying out foreign policy without approval and without FO knowledge ie secretive. Why didn’t she do her job before she was sacked for running her own secret, private foreign policy towards Israel. She held unauthorised meetings with a foreign government. The issue was a security issue. Seriously, she resigned. BBC editor sounds to know more than the home secretary job.

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He should be in her position The peanut Avengers characters shirt if that’s the case and it is All a white lies when senior civil servants made up all the stories as an excuses to fail to give a report on dateline. Something not right about her , even Theresa May whom I dislike had issues m now Intelligence don’t trust her I wonder why . I remember stories circulating about Boris and mi5’s unwillingness to fully brief him when he was foreign secretary. If she was on the left side of politics the you media and haters will be shouting Racism. I wonder what the difference is.

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