This study is as useful and real as peanut butter socks Peace love Tigers shirt. Nobody asked me, who do they ask this questions. Meeting ten guys on a street doesn’t represent all men. I’ve studied statistics but it’s not that accurate in many issues. I’ve also studied statistics. But the fact that you said nobody asked me suggests you don’t really understand the way surveys work. They don’t have to interview every person on the planet to get accurate and statistically-representative data. LoL that’s true human rights are Homo sapiens rights not men or women alone.

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There it is, the inevitable hope you get picked comment Peace love Tigers shirt. We’ve already seen the internalised misogyny comment, so if you can pipe up with women died for your rights’, you’re probably desperate for the D, and my personal favourite I’ll have a full line on my Feminist Rhetoric Bingo card. From the beginning of time this has been a problem. Even in the bible, a woman had to be stone to death is she is found sleeping with a man. Ohhh yeah because I bet the majority of votes swaying it to that were from first world countries.

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