Like getting dirty at work ect. But omfg I will literally die of excitement to see these do a Peace love Rottweiler dog shirt. Even its just an interveiw it would be fantastic to see. Just can’t see it being the same. The modern day offended brigade have already been going on about the original episodes so I can see them toning it down to appease them and ruining it in the process. The entire cast is producing this episode so obviously they got money. I sad that I have to agree that my generation and younger just dont get the humour unlike myself. I thought they would’ve made a kind of comedic reunion episode with some gags of eachother looking a bit older or something.

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It’s not a new episode Peace love Rottweiler dog shirt. It’s a cast reunion. It says episode that they are all getting involved in making. Doesn’t say its just going to be talk about the show. Of course it won’t be the same. More proof that Hollywood has little original content these days. Loved the show. Can’t wait to see this reunion episode. It’s not them doing another friends episode it’s just them getting together and discussing their careers and life after friends. I read said it was just table discussion on life after friends but who knows these days misinformation is plentiful you could be right but I read something different

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