Was the Police right to shooting to kill this Man. About shooting him in the legs Peace love roll for initiative shirt. About not shooting at all. A medical examiner in Atlanta, Georgia, has declared the death of an African-American man to be homicide after he was shot in an encounter with police. It is a small victory. Let’s see if the officers are charged/convicted. What it doesn’t say is if it was justifiable or not. That’s for the courts to decide. You must expect your herds of viewers to be idiots and they aren’t disappointing. Super polite cops, he resisted, he struggled, he took their weapon and fired it back at them, totally totally different there shouldn’t be charges at all. Change the record its becoming boring,this is happening in America nothing to do with the UK.

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He wrestled with an officer, resisted arrest and pointed a taser at Peace love roll for initiative shirt. Police were justified in this case. That just means he was killed by another person, which we already know. So are we not going to talk about how he was drunk driving his car and could have killed somone. Then fought two cops who tried to arrest him. Grab one of their teasers and as he was running away tried to shoot behind him and taser the cop.

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