No it bloody doesn’t Peace love Patricks shirt. Men have largely, although not exclusively, evolved to be protectors and providers because women can only safely have one child at a time whilst they can father many. Its about ensuring your offspring have the best chance of surviving. Men and Women have mutually complimentary abilities and it’s not wrong to say that. I’ve only read the opening catchline but I am a bit confused because if 90% of people are biased against women then that means that most women are biased against women that can’t be right surely and don’t call me surely.

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V-neck t-shirt

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Depending on the countries yes I love Peace love Patricks shirt, because men are the ones expected to put food on the table and a wife is only expected to clean and cook men are seen as more entitled to a job because it’s their role given to them by society. It’s just the result from this old issue that is still around today. When is the BBC going to question the validity of any of the so called studies it puts out. All of them appear to be biased in some way and most of them are based on simple surveys that have been shown to be wildly innacurate.

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